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Zepia studio and Color lab offers a wide range of portrait styles to ensemble your needs. Our extremely trained photographers are expert in traditional, as well as modern portrait styles which may include patterned or solid color backdrops, seating options and a variety of props.

The portraits photographed by Zepia studio and Color lab are famous for its exquisite clarity, quality vim and vigor. Celebrities from diverse domains, not only from Kerala but also from all over India, are regular guests of Zepia studio and Color lab. Special attention is given to wedding portraits, family portraits, marriage proposal photos, children’s profile, modeling portraits, table top photography, etc. Zepia studio and Color lab maintain ultra modern studios which can create marvelous milieu to suit the needs of their customers. Owe inspiring is the special effects created by Zepia studio and Color lab in their studios with their unique backdrop arrangements, props and lighting system. The studio has an extensive collection of kids items which can create fabulous and fancy atmosphere enabling the tiny tots to pose before the camera in the world of their own imagination. Also Zepia studio and Color lab has the distinction of having launched several top Models, Film Artists, Miniscreen and TV Artists of today to the Industry.

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